22 Maart 2018

3 basics to make your brand a success


MAST branding and communication agency gives tip to make your brand a succes


What are the basics of a successful brand?

Why do some brands create a smile on people's faces? Why is one brand more exciting than another?

Working closely with our clients taught us a lot about the underlying reasons why people love these brands.

Here are 3 takeaways from projects that we think can be applied to every brand or company.


  1. Do and say things that are actually useful for customers
    Before you jump into the tactics of marketing, growth hacking, storytelling... Think first about how your company can organize or do things that are actually useful for your (potential) customers. And then the content will follow naturally.

  2. Build your brand around your own values
    Exciting brands are based on the beliefs of the team behind the brand. Take enough time to define your core values and use that as the foundation to build your product and do your marketing.

    If you represent your company and your company represents you, your brand becomes strong and consistend.

  3. Shorten the distance between you and your customers
    Be among your customers every day (online and offline). Not only will you gain a lot of insights which help you steer your brand in the right direction. You're also able to help, inspire and motivate your customers. Which will make them even more loyal to your brand.


Curious about the projects MAST based these 3 basics on? Find the full article on their website.