Incubatornetwork Limburg

Start-ups and young companies in Limburg can currently choose from 7 different incubators, each with their own focus.

In addition to office space for young companies, these incubators also offer administrative and technical support, access to a strong network, management consultancy and naturally we also provide seed capital for young companies.

Everything to give start-ups or small businesses a growth spurt.

Each incubator in Limburg has its own focus. Agropolis focuses on new agriculture, BikeVille is aimed at the bicycle industry, BioVille focuses on health & care, C-mine Crib is for the creative economy, Corda INCubator serves ICT, GreenVille is the hotspot for Cleantech and IncubaTHOR focuses on Energy.

Together they form LRM’s incubator network in Limburg and with all the other partners they offer a solid foundation for growth.

Recently we also obtained access to an international incubator in New York by entering into a collaboration agreement with the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce.

This will give the companies participating in all our incubators the opportunity to expand on an international level and more specifically in the United States.

The incubator framework offers lots of opportunities, first by the creation of synergies between the existing incubators, for example in the area of coaching and supervising start-ups, and fitting this within the FRIS model around regional innovation. On the other hand there are still a number of niches in Limburg where the incubator concept can be applied. Here too LRM wants to take on its responsibility.


innovative agriculture and horticulture​

Agropolis-Kinrooi aims to stimulate innovative companies in agriculture and horticulture.


health & care

BioVille responds optimally to the requirements of young companies active in health care (biopharma, medical technology, care and functional food).


bicycle industry

BikeVille is aimed at companies and start-ups that focus on innovation in the bicycle industry.

C-Mine Crib

creative economy

C-mine crib was set up for creative innovative business. This service centre supports starting and young creative companies to launch and grow by offering specialised guidance and coaching and by providing infrastructure.


Corda INCubator

ICT & technology

Corda INCubator is the place to be for budding entrepreneurs in the technology and services sector. Are you looking for an inspiring and creative workplace? We can offer you not just office space, but also coaching, guidance and network expansion.


cleantech & energy

GreenVille accommodates green entrepreneurs in the former headquarters of the Kempische Steenkoolmijnen.


technology, energy and innovation

IncubaThor is the incubator for companies that focus on technology, energy and innovation. IncubaThor is the ideal base for companies – from start-ups to ambitious high-growth companies.