BioVille is a full service investor/incubator, located in Flanders, the heart of Europe with direct access to Belgium, the Netherlands, France Germany and the UK.

As part of the venture capital group LRM and with the support of the Province of Limburg and Hasselt University our mission is to offer innovative life sciences companies and projects a dynamic and stimulating environment where entrepreneurs and scientists can develop and expand their ideas and technologies in order to accelerate the commercialization of medical innovations in Europe.

C-mine crib is short for “creative innovative business”, it is a service centre that supports starting and young creative companies in their start-up and development by offering specialised guidance and coaching and by offering accommodation in various formulas. The incubator also houses research groups and organisations that support creative entrepreneurship.

Agropolis-Kinrooi’s goal is to give an impulse to the innovative agriculture and horticulture companies in our country. By doing so, we try to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the region and in the sector in general. Agropolis-Kinrooi will function as “Breeding & sprouting chamber”, in which innovative and economically profitable activities will be developed and supported, while simultaneously spreading the acquired knowledge.

Concretely, a business area and network facilities will be made available to the ‘new agriculture and horticulture companies’. The Incubator is at the disposal of start-ups and offers accommodation, support and guidance.


With the support of LRM, BikeValley is the latest addition to Limburg’s growing fleet of incubators. BikeValley aims to support 25 startups or spin-offs of companies related to cycling, be it national or international. Our position – both physically and figuratively – in the industry gives the incubating companies access to the rich cycling knowledge in the heart of Belgium. BikeValley is surrounded by stalwarts and influencers of the Belgian cycling industry. We want our members to exploit this opportunity and grow in this fertile space.

Corda INCubator is the place to be for young entrepreneurs in the technology and services industry. Are you a young entrepreneur and are you searching for an inspiring, creative workplace? We offer you office space as well as coaching, supervision and network development. In brief: everything you need to be a success and make it to the top!  

GreenVille is located in the former main building of the Kempen Coal Mines in Houthalen-Helchteren. This is a unique and impressive legacy from our industrial past. The architecture inspires the creation of magnificent buildings and makes a stunning impression on visitors, customers and investors alike.

IncubaThor, located at the former mine site of Waterschei, is the incubator for start-ups focusing on technology, energy and innovation. IncubaThor is the ideal base for start-ups up to ambitious high-growth companies.


Start in Limburg

Start-ups and young companies in Limburg can currently choose from 7 different incubators, each with their own focus.

In addition to office space for young companies, these incubators also offer administrative and technical support, access to a strong network, management consultancy and naturally we also provide seed capital for young companies.

Everything to give start-ups or small businesses a growth spurt.

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